CDISC for Newcomers (VIRTUAL Zoom)

Course Description

This 3-hour virtual training introduces the CDISC Standards to help amplify the full potential of data, drive operational efficiencies, and expedite the regulatory review process.

The training offers examples of the Standards, along with how to build them into the process of writing a protocol, collecting and tabulating data, and using the data in analysis.

The training also identifies standards strategies that can make the clinical research process more efficient and offers a high-level introduction into the current regulatory requirements for submissions.

The CDISC Data Exchange standards are reviewed, and the CDISC Library is discussed.


No prerequisites required; a range of background knowledge and skills among students is common.

Learning Outcomes

Course Agenda

Student Feedback

Enrollment Process

Available Sessions:

Product Name Date Region Time Price
CDISC for Newcomers (VIRTUAL Zoom) Mon, 8 January 2024 US-EU 9:00am-12:00pm US Eastern Time (15:00-18:00 Central European Time) $420.00
CDISC 入門編 (VIRTUAL Zoom - 日本語) Mon, 5 February 2024 Japan 09:00-12:00 Japan Standard Time - Zoom $336.00
CDISC for Newcomers (VIRTUAL) Mon, 6 May 2024 US 9:00am-12:00pm US Eastern Time - Zoom $420.00
CDISC for Newcomers (VIRTUAL) 2 September 2024 EU 09:00 - 12:00 Central European Time - Zoom $420.00