SDTM Blended

CDISC Blended Learning combines the flexibility of self-paced On-Demand modules with a weekly opportunity to discuss topics in a virtual setting. A CDISC authorized instructor leads the 1-hour virtual discussion. The SDTM Theory and Application Blended Learning course consists of 19 modules broken down in the following arrangement:


Week 1

Orientation Session


Week 2

Complete modules 1-5

Attend Q&A Session (1 hour)


Week 3

Complete modules 6-9

Attend Q&A Session (1 hour)


Week 4

Complete modules 10-14

Attend Q&A Session (1 hour)


Week 5

Complete modules 15-20

Q&A Session (1 hour)


Note: SDTM018 has been discontinued and is not included in bundle.


Week 6

SDTM Changes and Updates (abbreviated 1-hour presentation)


Only available upon request as a private training for 12+ attendees; please contact to receive a quote.