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Begins 11/04/2018

Training Dates Breakdown

Date listed in select options below is first of three days of Define-XML training. Full breakdown below:

Option 29 Mar :: Training Days 29-31 Mar, 9-12pm New York Time (USA ET)

Option 20 Apr :: Training Days 20-22 Apr,  12-3pm Shanghai Time

Option 31 May :: Training Days 31 May - 2 Jun, 8-11am Brussels Time

Option 19 Jul :: Training Days 19-21 Jul, 8-11am Tokyo Time

Option 27 Sep :: Training Days 27-29 Sep, 8-11am Brussels Time

Option 19 Oct :: Training Days 19-21 Oct, 8-11am Shanghai Time

Option 8 Nov :: Training Days 8-10 Nov, 8-11am New York Time (USA ET)

Option 8 Dec :: Training Days 8-10 Dec, 2-5pm Tokyo Time

Course Description

Define-XML files are an essential component of a CDISC data submission to the US FDA.  In the Define-XML training course you will learn:

  • XML Essentials
  • How to represent metadata for SDTM and ADaM, Datasets, variables, codelists and value level metadata
  • ODM-based XML for datasets
  • Analysis Results Metadata
  • How to manage Define-XML implementation challenges

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