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Controlled Terminology Advanced

Begins 10 Nov 2021


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CT Advanced Topics:
Region: US
22 September
09:00 - 13:00 (9am-1pm)
US Eastern Time (English)

*Registration ends at 5:00pm EST (17:00) one business day prior to the training start date.

Course Description

The Controlled Terminology Advanced Topics course provides a comprehensive deep dive of topics introduced in the CT basics course and the introduction of novel terminology content. Topics include: 

  • terminology pre-coordination and post-coordination 

  • an overview of specimen-based findings domains and their associated terminology 

  • best practices for CDISC change request submissions 

  • a deep dive into the NCI Metathesaurus 

  • considerations for Findings About terminology 

  • a comprehensive overview of the supplemental terminology products available from CDISC, including codetable mapping files, CT relationships, the Unit-UCUM mapping file, and the LOINC-LB mapping file. 


  • Module 1: Terminology Pre- vs Post-Coordination

  • Module 2: Best Practices for CDISC Change Request Submissions

  • Module 3: Considerations for Specimen-based Lab Domains Terminology

  • Module 4: Laboratory Findings (LB) Domain Deep Dive

  • Module 5: Considerations for Units of Measure

  • Module 6: Considerations for Findings About Terminology

  • Module 7: Codetable Mapping Files

  • Module 8: CT Relationships

  • Module 9: NCI Metathesaurus Deep Dive

  • Module 10: Controlled Terminology Extensions to Handle Anomalous Data Collection

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Understand the FDA requirement for LOINC codes in LB datasets and the suite of new variables that can be used to fully represent a LOINC code in the LB dataset.

  • Identify/choose/select the appropriate domain for specimen-based lab data and identify which variables within those domains have associated CDISC controlled terminology.

  • Submit accurate and precise change requests to ensure successful and timely processing of the request.

  • Locate and use/reference CDISC Codetable Mapping files.

  • Locate and use/reference the CT Relationships product.

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