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Blended Learning: CDASH Implementation + Q&A

Begins 04/21/2020

Training Dates Breakdown

Date listed in select options below is first of four days of CDASH Advanced Topics training. Full breakdown below:

Option 1 Feb :: Training Days 1,8,15 Feb 11-12pm USA ET

Option 2 Feb :: Training Days 2,9,16 Feb,  8-9am Shanghai Time

Option 2 Feb :: Training Days 2,9,16 Feb, 8-9am Brussels Time

Option 3 May :: Training Days 3,10,17 May, 11-12am USA ET

Option 4 May :: Training Days 4,11,18 May, 8-9am Tokyo Time

Option 2 Aug :: Training Days 2,9,16 Aug, 11-12pm USA ET

Option 3 Aug :: Training Days 3,10,17 Aug, 8-9am Shanghai Time

Option 15 Nov :: Training Days 15,22,29 Nov, 11-12pm USA ET

Option 16 Nov :: Training Days 16,23,30 Nov, 8-9am Shanghai Time

Option 16 Nov :: Training Days 16,23,30 Nov, 8-9am Tokyo Time

Course Description

CDISC blended learning combines the flexibility of online training with the intimacy of working directly with a live instructor. With a low student-to-instructor ratio, blended learning provides clinical research professionals with training developed by CDISC subject matter experts. Blended learning includes self-paced online module training, scheduled time to discuss topics with the instructor lead, and unlimited access to online modules.

The CDASH Implementation Blended Learning course consists of 8 modules broken down in the following arrangement:

Week 1

  • Orientation Session

Week 2

Week 3

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